Writing a Novel

Have to continue to write my novel… a novel that I write since I am still at College till now but being neglected for years… and as you know, my passion to write… it is like I was born to do that. But In this Country being a novelist is not a good option especially to earn money at that time. But I can see now days, so several Novelist who become a famous Novelist, of course their Novels are so sophisticated.

Started when I was a boy, when I come to Bookstore, It looks like Heaven for me. Feel so happy seeing so many books and I could spend hours just wondering how many good books that I want to buy and read… and sometimes I read at that book store and got known with the Staff hehehe…. and make a friends with them.

They know how crazy I am about Novel….

Yup had experienced as a Journalist at Bisnis Indonesia Newspapers, and still write on my web… it’s not enough… I do really want to continue write my novel.

Wish me luck then…..

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